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FEP-120-272-T12HO Anthony Fluorescent Refrigeration Ballast (60-14728-0001)


This item can be direct shipped from the manufacturer. Please order any quantity and we will contact you if there are any issues before processing your credit/debit card. Orders Ship in 24 to 48 Hours!

Anthony 60-14728-0001, FEP-120-272-T12HO Fluorescent Refrigeration Ballast - For 1-2 Lamps F48, F60 or F72T12/HO/F60 or F70T10
- Fits in freezer door frame
- Auto shut down if lamp or wiring fault detected
Similar and/or Equal to:
Anthony: 60-14728-0001, FEP-120-272-T12HO
Fulham: IH3-UNV-272-T12HO
Ardco: C15724P10

FEP-120-272-T12HO Anthony Fluorescent Refrigeration Ballast (60-14728-0001) (FL#.101355)
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[#PSL1] FEP-120-272-T12HO Anthony Fluorescent Refrigeration Ballast (60-14728-0001) (FL#.101355)

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  • Alternate Part Number 160-14728-0001
  • Alternate Part Number 2FEP-120-272-T12HO
  • Alternate Part Number 3IH3-UNV-272-T12HO
  • ConditionNew
  • Height (in)1
  • Mfgr Part#FEP-120-272-T12HO
  • Name BrandAnthony
  • Part Number249362
  • Product GTIN#00849818826910
  • Product GroupingFluorescent Ballast
  • Product UPC#849818826910
  • Voltage (Volts)120